boys and girls

I just did some statistics on our family...

We are 80% entrepreneurs (running our own side gig for money part or full time - I didn't count McKay because I don't know if he does, and I didn't count me because I don't currently - although I have plans to.) But we are 100% fixers.

Business owner: crafts / fixer of household items, Business owner: heavy equipment operation / fixer of metal, Business owner: salvage and heavy equipment / fixer of all things mechanical, Business Administrator / Fixer of dead animals, Mechanic / fixer of cars and computers, Data Operator / fixer of computers, Police Officer, Accountant / Fixer of messes and maker of handmade gifts, Statistician / Fixer of numbers, Security Guard/Student Nurse / Fixer of Cars and motorbikes.

If we had a lawyer, a banker, and a financial consultant, we could start a multi industry business strategy consulting firm.

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