NY Day 2

I finally got around to looking at the rest of our pictures from our NY trip with Melanie & Ethan.  I wanted to share some highlights with you!

Here is Viola showing Ethan how to plank on vacation, of course.

All the kids really loved riding on the subway.  This time around, we were smart enough to really plan our routes around the city to avoid frustration on which train to take and how.  It made it fun for the adults to ride the subway, too.  Mark insists that it's called the "Sub."

Zola enjoyed the fountains at Rockefeller Plaza, and Mark paid homage to the show '30 Rock.'

You can't do a big city without seeing a street act.  These guys were pretty fun.  I'm pretty sure they were the same guys we saw last time we were here.  The kids were old enough to appreciate the hand stands and break dancing and gave a good show themselves later.

We spent some down time to rest our weary feet in central park.

And I have no idea why I love this goofy pictures of Zola making a face.  I just do.

We also had a good time at Time Square, Chinatown, Soho, and more.  The best part for me was watching Zola socialize with everyone in Washington park.  She had to use the restroom and all that was available was a porta potty.  She did a social service by walking from group of people to group of people giving them some kind of warning along the lines of "You see that blue house over there? Do NOT go in there.  It's disgusting."  Hilarious.  She even told the park janitors.