never too old

When Mark saw the witch, he suggested that I should add detail to her face. The eyelashes are actually parts of a star-shaped sequin. The eyes combine a black seed bead center with white glitter and purple/black paint - covered in liquid crackle. The nose is just the stem from her apple head, and the lips are red marker w/ liquid glass over it. I took a ton of pictures before I got one in focus - and what I notice is that her eyes are totally the kind that follow you about the room. Creepy.
She is the size of my hand.

wicked tree ornament

As I mentioned last year, we are going to have a "memory" tree where all the ornaments either have some significance to the year they were purchased, or have something to do with our lives. This year, I wanted to make a mini-book honoring Mark's first novel and also have an ornament for 'Wicked: The Musical' because it not only has a message that is very important to my life in it, but I was also able to go see it 3 times, with old friends, new friends, and family. Plus, it is representative of how we are getting off the couch and taking advantage of this city more. I was going to go buy the ornament they sell at the theatre, but then I saw these cute hand made ones and decided to do this.

Her head is a wooden apple, her hat, body and boots are felt w/ sequins, her skirt is a inked poisetta flower and some old lace from my craft stash that I inked grey, her hair is yarn, and her broom head is necklace hemp. Her shirt lapel is part of the poinsetta flower base. Her legs are just some stripey scrap fabric I had from an old shirt. I happened to have those cute little bells for some reason. This took me last night and this afternoon to put together. Most of it is hand-sewn. The heavier items are hot-glued.


oh, the horror

I am finally able to talk about what happened on Tuesday. It was so PTSD that I actually started to cry every time I thought about it. But, I think it's safe to post by now and I KNOW someday it will be a funny story.

So, my dentist cancelled two appointments in a row for a medical emergency. I don't know what the emergency was, but I suspect that he had a stroke that caused him to lose all motor control in his hands. I had two wisdom teeth cavities that needed filling, so I unknowingly rescheduled for, you guessed it, Tuesday.

He was shaking uncontrollably with a power tool in my mouth, yelling, in a hurry, and making his assistant nervous, which in turn affected how well she suctioned the blood after he cut the crap out of my cheek, or "meat" as he called it. The worst was after the slashing when he had to do the second tooth. I'm gagging on my own blood and FREAKING out in my head. He pulls out the really sharp needle pointed drill and starts shaking it into my mouth, and I'm seriously considering just walking out with unfilled holes in my teeth and calling myself lucky to have survived.

Seriously, this was the most stressful thing I have ever encountered.


my own personal nerdfest

This is what northern california looks like. ^

This is what I did while I was there...^

And this is who I saw.^

When I got home, Monish went to Home Depot with me to help me get a tree. I give Monish full credit for the perfect Noble Fir he found for me. And I got my Martha Stewart on.

new metric

you can measure awkward by how many actuaries are in the room.