transition, people

I start a new position at work on Monday as part of a standard educational rotation program for studying actuaries to make our brains explode. I will miss my supervisor and coworkers a lot... it's been a good three years and I really enjoy the group I'm leaving. Onward and upward...

We have a series of teens coming for a few weeks each during the summer to help offset childcare and the added burden and pressures of starting a new job while still on the double shift of having an infant up most of the night. The first young California dreamer gets here on Saturday and we have some fun stuff lined up. I think you can expect another "Summer-Fun-O-Rama" (see June 2008 in my archives to relive the excitement of previous installments!)

I looked back at 2009 and realized that even though we had a Summer-Fun-O-Rama, I was too busy writing about my pregnancy. I guess becoming a mom does make you a little more boring... No wonder I don't get many comments anymore... I'm sorry, Internet. I've let you down!

I will *try* to stop blathering about the baby. Tomorrow.

--She's making these gutteral sounds and I am trying to train her to make them right after I say "What does a zombie say?"
--She giggles crazy when you say "tickle, tickle" or "I'm gonna get you"
--She puts her arms out to say "hold me" when we get home from work.
--She sits with her arms forming a tripod.
--She has good fine motor skills with her fingers... meaning she can pinch (while twisting... the delicate skin in your armpit) and pull your beard or try to gouge your eyes out now.
--She likes to eat paper. She has a method where she soaks it in drool until it becomes soft pulp and then she gums it into little pieces and swallows it until she chokes loud enough for you to realize that a piece of paper fell on the ground too close to her. I think it's organic, right?