Quotes from the last few weeks:

- Mom, stop singing.  It's annoying. (zola)
- Skinny girls freeze to death faster. (random bumper sticker that made my day)
- I would survive all of 4 hours in the apocalypse (mark)
- Oh, this is happening. (hilary)
- Mona, help me.  Melanie is pouring water on me IN THE HOUSE! (mark)
- She's pooping, genius.  (zola)

On Self-Employment

I have encouraged Zola to start collecting aluminum cans to help her learn about money.  She has been dilligently doing so and got her first full trash bag full this past weekend.  I took her down to the place that buys cans and she earned her first $1.50.  (I think the guy overpaid her because she was adorable doing this by herself.)  She is so proud of herself.  We put her money in a savings jar and she gets to play with it for 5 minutes if she behaves appropriately and listens to instructions.

I am going full out on the idea of starting a side-business of newborn photography.  I am taking pictures, researching, and obsessing every free moment I have.  I have bought some equipment that is making a huge difference in quality and am lining up a few more free sessions in the next month or so to hone my craft.  I have tentatively lined up two babies for the next month.  And I'm realizing that I already need business cards because I'm marketing myself everytime I see a pregnant lady!  I'd love to drop off some cards at maternity boutiques, etc. and build my business a little.  Even if I only do two sessions a month, I wouldn't have to cut into our current budget to fulfill a dream of mine... a trip to Italy for our 20th anniversary in a few years.

On Photography

Since I've been investing in my camera equipment and knowledge obsessively, I've been taking a lot more pictures and trying to up my quality.  So, here are a few from this month.  For some reason, they are mostly of my crazy one.  Zola needs video at this point, because her talking is beyond hilarious.