4 weeks, but who's counting

I am still hanging in there and working hard on my exam material. It's a lot to master, but every little hour counts. It is a worthy adversary.
I'm getting in some good time now that I switched from 3 hours every other day to 1.5 hours every day. It does burn me out to do it every day, but I feel like I don't lose as much momentum, and still have a little time for myself everyday.
I've been guilty of rewarding myself on fancy coffees, so I am sure that I will gain 10 pounds trying to pass this bad boy. (But, food is a worthy adversary, too.)
My LAbff is basquing as we speak (yes, she is in the spanish riveria, that jerk.) So, basically, I have no one to giggle with over the pimp that I keep seeing at the coffee shop. Dude seriously looks like he is dressed up as a pimp for halloween, but every day: purple velvet suit with tall derby hat and white shiny leather cowboy boots... with his hair shimmered back and gold chains galore. It's fantastic.


these booties are made for walkin'

I enjoyed the March For Babies event today at Griffith Park. I was able to meet my fundraising goal (and exceed it) thanks to many generous gifts. We will still be raising money through May, and I still have baby blankets and hats available, if you haven't had a chance to donate yet.
I am a big Battlestar Galactica Fan, so I was really excited that not only was Edward James Olmos (the Admiral) there, he was wearing a Farmers shirt and eating lunch with us. (He walked within 3 feet of me while I was getting my food... so did Dayanara Torres) Some other celebs were there that I didn't see - or just didn't recognize, which happens a lot... like I saw this one girl at the lemonade and later saw her signing autographs, but I still don't know who she is.
It was a neat family activity.
Update 4/27: I found out who the girl was: Camille Winbush - Actress of such shows as 'The Bernie Mac Show' and 'Grey's Anatomy'


Caribou @ The El Rey

Last night we went to a small concert. Very fun. Great opening band. I feel like a regular hipster.


child's play

Every once in a while, I make myself sit around learning how to do stuff in Photoshop. And, I always pull out cute pictures that I don't mind staring at for a couple of hours to mess with. This was todays' goof-around.
And while I was doing the technology, I thought of a vague generalization in looking at this picture. You don't always realize that you are enjoying what you are doing WHILE you're doing it. But, once the initial shock is over (at least this is true for me) - I usually love doing new things. Take studying for my exam. I struggle with new topics - feeling miserable. Then the light bulb goes off. Then it's no big deal to work some problems and master the skill, and I enjoy being able to know more and do more. It just takes a little perseverance and courage to get past that first "Oil and Water" state, in order to make delicious pesto.
For this photoshop lesson, I found some free brushes (flourishes, dingbats, and grunge borders) figured out how to install them, and figured out how to load them and use them. You might say, "didn't you do that last time you posted a learning-photoshop-blog?" Yes. Yes, I did. But, my brain is a dangerous place where nothing lives long.



Saturday, April 5th at 10:51pm.

6 pounds, 13 ounces

{18 inches long}


wicked fun

I really cannot say enough about how really amazing the show was last night... and the people who went with me. It was just - contagious energy. Check out the evening's pictures.

I was not expecting the show to be so funny. I was completely cracking up. The music was spectacular, and the sets so incredibly detailed and beautiful - it was a sensory overload of the best kind: grand cure for general ennui.


they sing to me.

So, guess what I'm doing in a few hours... hint: it will be wicked-fun.

Post-show thought: AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This year, I am fundraising for the March of Dimes. I will be walking in their annual fundraising walk and I am selling a select collection of mom's crocheted baby blankets ($30) and hats ($5).

If you would like to make a donation on-line, please visit my MOD Homepage:

If you would like a baby blanket, I am willing to ship it.


what I've been up to

All I've been talking about are these posters that I got to scrapbook at work. The first one was for a floor contest to determine a theme for another contest. I had a lot of help and we got 2nd. place. The one that won was really elegant and professional...

So, for the second contest, with a cash prize of $300, I made this with a lot of help from my coworkers: Again we didn't win. But, I've had a lot of people tell me that they think I should have won. I feel like we did a really good job, and I'm proud of this entry. If for no other reason, I got some boys from my group do some of the hand stitching around the 80. And I got to spend time and meet a lot of people from our department on a somewhat more social level.

Lastly, this is what happens when I try to study on vacation. (I did study about 7 hours... and not counting this one.)