We drove to Arizona for a day to see Jennifer graduate with her class at Pima Medical Institute. CONGRATS, JENNIFER!!! We are so proud of her hard work and accomplishment. She got an unexpected special recognition for honors.

I also had to throw in some pics of the baby -- she looked so cute all dressed up for the event. Plus, that 70's jacket is new. LOVE.



As these first-time mom magic moments slip through my fingers, I realize that a few things are important: images and stories. You would think a scrapbooker would be an expert at storing these precious things away. But, I can't keep up with the diapers, nuzzling, AND the scrapbooking (who can?) So my temporary solution is to toss them down a hole and get back to them later. I am investing in photography equipment and taking as many high quality photos as I can as often as I can remember to pick up the camera. And I started a blog just for ZJ where I will tell the stories that I want to remember - with the idea that someday, I will slurp the blog and slap in the photos and publish it bound instead of trying to physically scrapbook it all myself. That way, she has a little journal of her baby stories - and so do I.... without consuming the effort that I could be using to love and hug and kiss her sweetness out of her.

If you are interested in the stories, her blog is here.



Kisses to everyone this valentine's day. We don't really celebrate it. We go on a date, just like we do every week. Nothing crazy. No chocolates, flowers or special gifts. Our motto is "you don't need to do something one day a year if you are spreading it out through the whole year long."

It's been another busy weekend. Didn't realize that going back to work was going to mean so much household chaos on the weekends. Taxes, getting everything set for the week and doing damage control on all the stuff that got behind last week. I wore my little toad out playing peek-a-boo instead of maintaining the kitchen. Nothing is growing in there yet, so who cares. Being a full-time mom & a full-time pay-worker is quite a lot of tightrope walking. Dad's been stepping up a lot, but you know how that is. Dads don't always know that certain tasks even exist...

I took Z to JCPenney for her 3-month old photo sitting. She was SOOOO cute. I can't wait to share the images, but I didn't buy the thumbnails this time. You'll have to wait like I do. But, it will be worth it, Internet. Well worth it.


more pics

New pics up on flickr. I basically just pulled all the pics off my mobile today. I had already posted some of them on FB, but here you go anyway. I'm pretty impressed with the quality of my mobile camera sometimes. Happy Valentines' Day.

Oh, and google "Divorce Cakes."