plans, planes, and pains

Mark has a class in LA this weekend for transfering jobs. He'll be driving out Sunday morning. I was going to go with him, but... Jared died this morning.

I'm flying to Utah Friday returning Tuesday morning to attend his funeral services, which are on Saturday.

Times are tough.


weekend away

We are running out to LA this weekend. I want to get a lay of the land and look at some front running employers and apartments options.

I missed going to Jared's Fundraising Dinner and Auction. However, if you missed it too, you can still donate to the family by depositing to: JARED HATCH Charitable Account at America First Credit Union. The funds in this account will be used to help his family cover the medical costs and expenses.

Life moves fast, lately. Lots to say, but no time to say it.


home sweet home

I had a great trip home to Utah and arrived back yesterday evening safely. It was all I hoped it would be, and Evan and I had a great time.



Cuando estoy contigo (I used "with you" instead of "around you" because Spanish does not translate that word very pretty and it has other vague meanings like "around the corner.")
no hay cielo
no hay tierra
sólo hay un vacío entre nosotros.


still working

I went over my bosses head and get to keep my job. I guess that is why it doesn't pay to worry.


a new year

We went on a photo trip to Superior and Miami, AZ this passed weekend and I got this decent shot of my lovey. He is hard to get a good picture of because he always makes what I call "angry face." For the New Year, I spent the evening with Jennifer, Stephanie and Lindsay K at a **nice** house where Jennifer is housesitting. We watched movies, had a toast at midnight and screamed "Happy New Year." Pretty typical. I tried a Mimosa, which is a trendy champagne cocktail with orange juice and a slice of orange. Pretty yum. Mark had to work. Poor guy.

I always try to set goals at the beginning of the year and share them. Last year I wrote:

My New Years resolutions are the same every year. Go to the gym regularly,
eat raw foods more often, floss more often, pick up after myself everyday, go
somewhere exciting, and do my best in school. This year I get to add "graduate
with disctinction," "pass actuary exam 1," and "find a real job."

I didn't go anywhere interesting or eat more raw foods. I ate more fast foods. Fast is like raw, in that either way, I didn't have to cook, right?

Well, this year, for the sake of writing them down... I want to:
  • build ties with extended family by sending bday/anni cards, emailing and calling more often.
  • build my partnership with Mark by doing my jobs on time and picking up after myself and being more polite.
  • build my career by joining a social network such as toastmasters, passing exam 1, and getting my first job.
  • build my fitness level by cross training and working out for 2 hours three times a week instead of 1 hour four times a week, adding pilates, yoga and more weights. I also want to eat a home-prepared meal six days a week.
  • build my relaxing outlet to creativity by joining a scrapbooking club and scrapping twice a month.
  • Pay more careful attention to my appearance.
  • "Adventure" at least once a month and attend an "event" at least once a month.
  • Always be learning a new thing.