this blog has gone bgc

(Breeding Grand Central.)

This is the awesome crib/mattress that I got over the weekend! It was a generous gift and we are BOTH anxious to put it together. It converts to a toddler bed, a twin with and without rails, and a nightstand and comes with the hamper liner, trundle drawer underneath, and changing pad liner.
I also went clearance shopping with Jennifer, who really knows how to work the sales racks / coupons. We totally hooked up with about 15 little ADORABLE name-brand outfits for our munchkin for under $35. Plus, I love to shop. And Jennifer loves to shop -- and might be even more excited about the baby than I am. And there is nothing cooler than having someone ELSE ask me - "Can we go check out those crib-bed-in-a-bag sets?" -- Um, I just wet my pants in excibriation (right after making up that word)!


month six

I am feeling pretty good, considering my girth - a 14.0% increase at this two-thirds mark! The weight is the main thing at this point, as most of my other "symptoms" have subsided. Maybe at one point I will put together a growth chart. That seems like something I'd enjoy. I am no longer having very strong cravings, have a little more energy, and (like I said) feel pretty good.
I went to Houston for the 4th and we've been Summer-Fun-O-Rama-ing with Stephanie since I got back.
The baby has moved up (and out) some and is now prominently showcasing herself on top of my sciatic nerve. (Hasn't even been born yet and is already getting on my nerve.... ha ha.) The stretching of my body has passed a critical mass where my round ligaments are now loose as a goose and she can move about the cabin freely, as can I without pulling something. So we are both getting around better. I really enjoy my evening walks, which take the pressure off my pelvis after sitting all day at work and have been sleeping better. Stephanie got to be the first one to feel her movement from the outside last Wednesday. She is strong enough that if I'm crossing my arms, you can see them bouncing when she kicks them.
We are registered for child birth classes and have started making arrangements for her arrival. I got a few little teeny-tiny spring dresses and some ideas for some crafty goodness to enjoy to her benefit before she gets here.
Negotiations on her name are still technically open, and I think they will be until we are forced by the hospital staff to write something down. At which point, I'm 99% sure we will write down the only name we have considered up to this point. But, don't be surprised when the announcements go out if it's something else. These things happen. We're a crazy, spontaneous couple of kids. We might just go nuts and throw something else out there.
I haven't really thought much about things like a baby shower. The folks at work usually throw one, and that will probably be it. We'll probably be having an "after-birth party" (ha ha) in Utah around Thanksgiving so all the folks home for the holiday can meet her.



I was hanging out with Brandi Hogan last week and we snapped a picture of our equally pregnant tum-tums. Love that photoshop...;) Anyway, I made Brandi scootch down to my height so that our bumps could be lined up. What you can tell is that my butt is five times bigger than hers (we knew that, right?) Fun times.