welcome to sunny california

Jennifer, Stephanie, Lindsey, the doggie-dog Annabelle and Brittany were all here with us last week. Our guests enjoyed a flurry of Six Flags, beach sand castles, and everyone stayed in a hotel in San Diego to go to Sea World one day.

Doesn't this look wonderful? This hotel was reasonable and had a kitchen, living room with pull-out couch and double beds to sleep six. But no one guessed it would have this view! Everyone loves the eels.

I much appreciate Jennifer and Lindsey making sure that Brittany had a chance to do a lot of fun stuff while I was at work or unable to hang out.


Houston, we have lift off

I'm home from my sweet vacation. I could totally move there. We went to the space center, had a pre-4th warm up party on the 3rd, and then had a blast and drank ourselves silly at McKay's big party. It was awesome!



texas style

I finally got some pictures off my camera from the past couple of days.

I've had some adventures since last post. Last night, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and I got some of the best chicken-fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and steak fries ever.

Today, I was hanging out with the kids while McKay and Kim did some shopping and I got bit by a snake! The kids found this snake in the backyard and it was scaring them. Nolan wanted to kill it, but I thought it was just a gardner snake, so I looked it up on the internet. It matched, so I went out and got it's head under a broom handle. Just when I reached to grab it right behind it's head the broom handle slipped and the snake just latched onto my finger. I couldn't get it off, and the kids were kind of freaking out at that point, so I decided to just start heading toward somewhere where I could set it free and figure out how to get it off my hand when we got there. So while I was walking through the house, I pried it off - but once it was free to bite me again, I got nervous and dropped it IN the house! Then the kids were really screaming! So I just grabbed it again real quick without getting bit again and dropped it in the gutter across the street. It didn't hurt or anything, but everyone was really shocked.

I got some ingredients to sew a little star on the shirt I'm going to wear for the 4th. Kim is cooking the most delicious smelling roast right now. Mom, Brandy, and Macayzsha will be here in a couple of hours and I'm really excited. Evan and Stephanie will get here later. So far, I've had a blast... and I'm loving this place. It's what would happen if Utah and Arizona had a baby.


houston, can you read me?

I've been hanging in Texas with McKay, Kim and his crew for the past couple of days. It has been quite a vacation thus far. We spend 90% of our time hanging out in the garage, which doubles as an open-air living room when the door is up. The neighbors are all members of the family, like one big block-wide household, they come and go from each other's houses, exchanging kids, pantry items, and gossip freely. It's such a change of pace, relaxed and mellow. I've jammed guitar with the neighbors, taken walks with the kids, enjoyed the paths of the local arboretum, and dare-deviled the local water park the whole family (all the neighbors too, of course.)

I have gotten acquaited with McKay's kids, and we've had a really fun time. I really love sitting with coffee in the morning in the garage. All the neighbors come, have their coffee and start their days with you... and it's real nice. I don't even know my neighbors names (or faces.) It's a big contrast.