Fair Enough

Hello, internet. I know you have probably been missing me deeply over the past 10 days. That's why I have dug into my old photos to find something to show you so that you will think I care about you. (I do, really.)

But first, a little husband/wife humor from a conversation yesterday-

The Man: I tell people that when my wife sees my paycheck she goes, "Ahhhh, honey. That's reeeal cute."

I add: "Let me put this riiiiight here on the fridge."

I would tell you about the sketch we wrote for the E! special that they are going to do on Mark someday when he is an American Icon, but I think he would kill me. Scratch that, I know he would kill me. Then it would be a sketch of Americas Most Wanted. And it wouldn't be as funny.

You've earned it. Here is the L.A. County Fair some time back.


cool, huh?

I am getting closer to recovering both at home & at work to having the exam season come to a peak. I just had a chance to see the pictures from the AIDS Walk (which was really amazing by the way...)

These cheerleaders were encouraging people to be. agressive. be. be. agressive. in raising money for AIDS.

This is my co-worker, sometimes car-pool buddy, and AIDS Team Member, Monish.

I was too busy to post about the event, but it is really something to see 30,000 people on one street.
This is me at the finish line. Proof that I made all 10 miles. Mark thought this looked like a chemo surviving guy, so I had to clear that mystery up.

Evan came to town for a day and we had a really good time catching up. We really don't get to see enough of each other considering our great relationship and how much fun we have together. We can just talk for hours and we get each other's humor- which is really worth a lot.

A low flying alien magnet went over our house and killed all of our electronics on Sunday. We had set aside time to order pizza and watch a movie on Monday... and then our DVD player died - and our computer monitor... so there was no surface of moving images to stare at... we did what any recovering Mormon would do. Played board games. I know, I know. Family Night. Old Skool. We played "Worst Case Scenario" where you guess what the proper survival technique is for different situations. We got three situations in a row where the correct answer required you first to take off your pants. We were laughing so hard that Mark actually fell off the couch.


Ahhh, yeah.

Even if I failed, I don't have to study for a few weeks! Reason. To. Celebrate.

Let me just take a moment to prematurely do a victory dance. No backup dancers or bag-pipes playing. Just me and my tap shoes going ape on the downstairs neighbors hopes for sleep tonight.


Okay. That was very nice.

Oh wait, I'm still doing it. I can't seem to stop. I had a very good exam session. Either my sample was very easy and will be graded more stiffly and I should not be getting excited, or else I am a genius and just killed. I think that the jury, when they come back with my score, will find me to be a genius. However, the rules stay the same as before... I will post my exact score when it arrives in approx. 8 weeks. (Check back for that when the New Years' hangover wears off.)

In the meantime, I am spoiling myself silly with scrapbooking and otherwise over indulging in wasting time doing NOTHING practical. I do owe Mark dishes until after Thanksgiving. I could not have done it without him and Baja Fresh.

I took some portraiture of Madhuri & Arun - she is very close to delivering the baby. Going through them so far, this one is my favorite.


happy halloween

We made a quick drive out to AZ to trick-0-treat with Stephanie. In an outright revolt on the socially agreed upon age limit have, for several years, dressed up and trick-o-treated with her. It is always so much more fun walking around the neighborhood reclaiming the Right to Candy For People of All Costumed Ages. Not to mention the laugh we have at every house. If someone sneers, I simply implore them to join me - panhandling for candy... or offer them a piece as I am doing this for All Adults Everywhere who are not as shameless as myself (but they can't have my peanut m&m's) or I respond that I don't have an I.D. so they can't prove anything and slouch down a foot.
My favorite reaction was the old lady who asked me where was my tattoo and I showed her the eyeliner drawing on my arm of a skull & cross bones and the words "thug life" and she said... "Oh Yes You DO" and we laughed for a half-block. One house made us do tricks and when Stephanie and her friend Jaycee didn't have a trick, they made us start over... closed the door so we could ring the bell, they could answer & we could just say "treat" instead of "trick or treat." It was pretty funny.
It was a really quick one-day trip and the drive is hard that way. But it was worth it.