happy halloween

We made a quick drive out to AZ to trick-0-treat with Stephanie. In an outright revolt on the socially agreed upon age limit have, for several years, dressed up and trick-o-treated with her. It is always so much more fun walking around the neighborhood reclaiming the Right to Candy For People of All Costumed Ages. Not to mention the laugh we have at every house. If someone sneers, I simply implore them to join me - panhandling for candy... or offer them a piece as I am doing this for All Adults Everywhere who are not as shameless as myself (but they can't have my peanut m&m's) or I respond that I don't have an I.D. so they can't prove anything and slouch down a foot.
My favorite reaction was the old lady who asked me where was my tattoo and I showed her the eyeliner drawing on my arm of a skull & cross bones and the words "thug life" and she said... "Oh Yes You DO" and we laughed for a half-block. One house made us do tricks and when Stephanie and her friend Jaycee didn't have a trick, they made us start over... closed the door so we could ring the bell, they could answer & we could just say "treat" instead of "trick or treat." It was pretty funny.
It was a really quick one-day trip and the drive is hard that way. But it was worth it.

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