Math-ter of my Domain.

I mailed our wedding invites yesterday. It felt like I was doing something momentous that I should take a cheesy picture of me slipping them through the mail slot. Until I realized that I forgot to put on the pretty return address stickers I bought. Oh well. We have the lease for a year. I'll still get to use them.

If you don't see an invitation soon, you're probably not invited. Don't take it personally. We're only inviting 24 people. Everyone else just gets an announcement. Call me if you want to come and weren't invited and maybe you can persuade me. (Maybe it was an honest mistake that I didn't think you would want to come or want to make you feel obligated. But keep in mind, it's a really small event in a really small venue. -- However, there were three people I would've invited if I had addresses for them.)

We're well along with the wedding stuff. We have our caterer, attire, flowers, rental equipment, vendors, invites, decorations, celebrant, honeymoon reservations, and rings. We still have to sew up the details on music, alterations, replacing lost passports, and those kinds of last minute things. Otherwise, it came together pretty easily.

School is going really splendedly. I love having to coordinate this many things in my brain. I have a lot going on.

If you are in my DQ class, we're having a open invitation study session on Sunday 2pm in the Nobel Library to prep for Exam II.

My Math History teacher said that early philosophers named the math theories and formulas so that you could swear at them in particular instead of just cursing the entire subject. Pretty clever idea, I think....

We're just going on and on and on about the baffling properties of the Fibbinacci numbers. Very weird stuff happens. The relationship is like this: F = 1 + 1/F. Isn't that mysterious? It also has a lot to do with constructing pentagrams. Maybe that's why some people associate science and witchcraft (paganism.)

I also learned that the Pythagorean Society (secret society symbol: pentagram) collectively murdered a guy for revealing that square root of two was irrational. It gives a new meaning to the cut-throat culture of academia.


Typing Math Stuff in Word

I don't know how I never figured this out before, but you can type in symbolic math notation in Word (and I use an older version.) I've always wanted to type nice fractions that actually stack on top. Now I can and so can you. Here's how you do it:

Go to "Insert" from the pull-downs and select "object," then from the "create new" menu, "Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0." From there, you will get a massive menu of options that is not to hard to figure out. There are shortcuts (I kept accidentally making an integral.) To get the object to act like any other character in your text, right click on it and select "format object" and under the tab "position," uncheck the box marked "float over text."

It takes a while to get used to but make very beautiful notes or typed homework assignments.


I Heart Los Angeles

So, for the first time in history, I celebrated Labor Day NOT at work. We found out on Thursday that we both had the three day weekend off... so we wisked ourselves off to Los Angeles. We stayed in a very nice hotel. We met the bf's family for dinner - take out from my fave place there, ZanKou. It's middle eastern food. Yum.

On Sunday we woke up super early and had a big day. Farmer's Market, Breakfast at a Hollywood Blvd cafe, book collecting at some specialty shops, Melrose for some fashionable clothes for me - hit a flea market for more. Off to the beach, lunch in Santa Monica. To the hotel to rest a bit... then to a play with a few recognizable stars leading (We saw "Dead End" at the Almanson Theatre) and walked around the area. We ate pizza for dinner in our hotel room and then caught up with the bf's family again - they also had a big day at Magic Mountain.

Monday we lounged around, went out to eat and then went to the largest music store in the West to get some great finds (I got a collection of Django Reinhardt and we discovered an experimental group called Muslim Gause... check it out if you can find it. The CD we got is called "Sufiq" and it is amazing.) We had a private screening of some film school reels and some extra home footage that was very fun to see for the first time. And then, sadly, it was time for the drive home.

It was Europe-league fun.