month three

We're still splitting hairs about how my estimated due date. Regardless of whether it is Nov 2, 4, 7, or 9... the title of the post puts this a few days early. But, you don't care. Right, fans?
Look at that thumb sucker up there. The head is left, highlights are forehead, nose, and jaw. You can see the bones of the individual fingers - 7 of them... (we got excited for a famous pianist until it occurred to us that it is probably the overlap of two hands) the spine and pelvis. The darker spot in the chest is the heart, which again I got to see flickering away. I kind of thought it was a pretty good picture.
Everyone is wondering... it's too early to determine the sex. We will try to see on ultrasound next month. We're crossing our fingers for a girl (hemophilia being the only factor) but we will be happy no matter what.
At the beginning of this month, I felt more pregnant than ever! Symptoms, symptoms, symptoms. But toward the end, I can tell that I'm turning the 1st trimester corner and starting to feel a tiny bit better. I still feel like the smallest trivial task leaves me ready for a nap (I have to lay down for a few minutes after getting breakfast & a shower in the morning before work.) Based on taste tests, I think my body's aversion to some of my favorite foods may be moving on.
We went to San Diego last week and (due to constant napping) I had not clean clothes to pack. So, I tried on the maternity pants that my friend had given to me... thinking they would drown me. Ahhhh. The relaxed waist band. The most amazing invention of all time. It made me realize how tight my clothes have become... and that I'm ready for that awkward stage where I have to choose between hoping no one notices my pants are not even zipped at all or constantly hiking up my maternity pants. Since I have a pair of work appropriate maternity pants, I went that route this week.
In San Diego we walked A LOT. Everyone says walking is the best pregnant exercise. However, toward mid-day, my tummy feel a "not-right" pulling feeling that made me decide it was time to go to our beach hotel and lay on the sand for the rest of the day. (yay! for beach hotels.) I called my doctor when we got home because I kept having the feeling whenever I walk at all. He assured me that everything else sounded fine and that I might have pulled a muscle. I opted to wait until my regular appointment on Friday to get it checked, because it didn't "hurt" -- it just worried me. I even went home from work early one day to rest. At the appt, my doctor again impressed me with how awesome he is. He actually read my chart before coming in to see me / remembered that I was the one who called. He said everything was FINE, but that I will keep having the pulling. It's probably the weight of my uterus pressing on scar tissue on my ovary from my old surgery. No big deal. And it shouldn't effect our travel plans in late May - St. Louis for Josh's wedding / Houston to see McKay.


first couple months

Ya'll may have already seen this picture on Facebook, but here is the 1st ultrasound at 7 weeks. Now that the secret is out, I will catch everyone up and then post monthly updates on how things are going.

Month 1: We found out. Early-ish because we were trying. I did not do anything crazy to tell Mark. I just called him at work at 6:30 am and said "I'm pregnant." He was really excited! He turned to his friend Gabe and said, "DUDE! MY WIFE IS PREGNANT!!!" Wow. I did some research on my health insurance and found Dr. Right. Google, you really do have everything. I was already taking prenatals and trying to eat healthy, so the only thing that changed was the freaky stuff happening to my body: FATIQUE, a bunch of bloody noses, weird circulation sensations, and eventually perpetual nausea. Regarding cravings, mexican food (which Mark would argue has nothing to do with the pregnancy,) chocolate milk, and saltine crackers.

I took a profile picture of my tummy -- sucking in, so I don't start out already looking a few months pregnant. But, lets be realistic. I had a pizza and burritos stockpile sufficient for someone to suggest I was already "showing." That picture will go to the grave with me. Sorry, fan base.

Month 2: This went by fast, despite the fact that I could have vomited on you at any moment. I got really picky about foods because the only time I actually threw up was when I put the wrong thing in. I rarely even got to swallow it. It and everything in my stomach would go. Mark had enormous fun talking about runny eggs everytime I went a little green. Thanks for your support, hon. You're the greatest.

My schedule got all out of whack. I would sleep from dinner to morning, study during my best energy times, work for a few hours, nap at lunch, and then work a few more hours and go home to eat and pass out again. If I didn't call you, I'm sorry. I probably fell asleep. Ironically, WITHOUT COFFEE, I became a morning person (I already hate the baby.)

Month 3 ends in 8 days, so I will post that later.