One, Two, Test, and more Time Passes

I've realized that I mark time by the passage of exams. I took exam 2 of 3 in one of my classes today... which means a segue into the part of the term earmarked "final's prep." Of course, I'm estatic.

We celebrated Easter with Mark's family - wonderful. There is something innocent and beautiful about leading someone around for treasure with hot/cold. It is the tradition that transects all other traditions in their family - no holiday, birthday, or special occasion is complete without it.

Mark and I went for our first road trip in the new car over the weekend. We drove to Florence (asked ourselves why we went there, got a soda and turned around) and stopped off to hike a wildflower covered hill called "silly mtn." In one direction, no sign of man - just desert in bloom, and on the other, the cusp of the city peeking out of the underskirts of the highway.


The Scion Is In (the Carport)

So I picked up the Scion xB today. I am really excited. I realized that in my adult life, I have had a car that ran 18 months out of the 11 years. Now, we just have to get another one and we'll be farther than where we started when Mark's car died.

On another note, there should be some kind of cap on interest and lending profiteering. It's completely unethical and is a kind of preditory practice that strangles the poorer of us. I realize that 1/5 of my car cost is interest. This car will probably last 10 years MAX and in that time, 1/4 of my income will go to paying for it. So, five cents on every dollar I make will go toward the interest on this loan until it is paid off. That is almost $4 a day. I could sponsor a whole lot of orphans in developing countries just with my interest. How sad that I'm giving it to a multinational corporation's lending department instead.


Scion xB

This is the car we are going to buy tomorrow. Do you say Sky-on, Sigh-on, or Ski-on? They call it Euro styling and I call it the "milk truck." Posted by Hello

Now that I can post pictures...

This is my boyfriend, Mark. Posted by Hello


A New, New Car?

We're trying to figure out whether to finance a new car or a used car. Both have draw backs and both are undesired options because we like to save up before we buy something instead of paying more than an item is worth as a penalty. I also think it says you can't afford it if you can't save for it. The sad fact is, we decided to save for a new car 30 minutes before the old one died so suddenly. Too bad a car doesn't give much warning.

Buying a car is also a very annoying process. We keep waiting for the sales person to jump on the rental car as we drive away. Also, it is not a good idea to get a free sportscar upgrade on your rental car when you are shopping for a car because all those features and options are nice. You can actually see the moon through a moonroof facing any direction. No kidding.


Blowing a Gasket

The gasket blew on the old pathetic car. If we didn't carpool and rely heavily on it for everything it totally wouldn't be a big deal. I missed class today and we will have to rent a car tomorrow until we can figure something out. What a mess. What a crappy day.


You always get the results you look for.

  • The light is always red when you are late for work.
  • The media is always biased opposite your strongly held view.
  • The radio only plays sad love songs after a break up.
  • Everyone seems pregnant when you want and can't have kids.

These are coincidences that occur when the conditions of perception are present, but don't apply in general.

RULE OF MATH: Certain perceived conditions (assumptions) allow predictable coincidences. That is, you see what you're looking at. Your observations (coincidental though they may be) are not random because your perceptions (which are their conditions) are not random.

Example from above: The conditions are:

  • You're late for work.

The resulting coincidence?

  • Your awareness of red traffic lights is heightened, so it seems like you must stop at more than usual.

Example from math: The conditions are:

  • real numbers exist (the numbers we use everyday)
  • that they have order (i.e. ...1 <>

The resulting coincidence? You can use addition and multiplication and get the same predictable answers each time you ask the same question. So Tom will get the same answer to 2 + 3 as Jan does everytime.

But subtraction and division require more conditions... because of "special cases" such as not being able to divide by zero. So beyond the limits of the conditions, the coincidences do not occur. (i.e. you don't notice as many red lights when you are on a relaxing drive.)

We have to assume conditions. If you assume nothing, the world is chaos. It is pragmatic to assume things (in math) and our brains automatically do this (by biological design) in order to operate efficiently. However, when the framework of our very existence is fraught with assumptions that are limited but applied universally, mistakes are inevitable.

RULE OF MATH: Conditional coincidence is not ultimate truth.

So, acknowledge that by assuming your views, you will find what you are looking for because you are only looking where you can find it, not because your view is ultimate truth.


My Convertible

I'm a basically rational person. I've made some unreasonable choices. The most expensive was buying an Alfa Romeo thinking I could restore it with very little mechanical experience whatsoever. It's a beautiful waste of money and in the year I've been carpooling while it collects dust and money I fantasize about driving it, wind through my hair, sun in my eyes.

Maybe having a dream is better than having convenience.