Franz Kafka

"I stand on the end platform of the tram and am completely unsure of my footing in this world, in this town, in my family. Not even casually could I indicate any claims that I might rightly advance in any direction. I have not even any defense to offer for standing on this platform, holding on to this strap, letting myself be carried along by this tram, nor for the people who give way to the tram or walk quietly along or stand gazing into shop windows. Nobody asks me to put up a defense, indeed, but that is irrelevant."



I learned a cool word.

Kaizen: The Japanese term that means continuous improvement, taken from words 'Kai' means continuous and 'zen' means improvement.

The same japanese word Kaizen is pronounced as 'Gai San' in chinese meaning : The action to correct.

The principle is to apply kaizen in miniscule doses on something you've tried unsuccessfully to correct in big ways in the past.

I am feeling some noticable differences by doing this. Particularly with my eating. I just decided to only eat while seated at the kitchen table, and only foods that take my personal time (not the microwave) to prepare. So, I reduce my desire to snack unnecessarily, since I am fundamentally too lazy to prepare something if I'm not genuinely needing to eat.

I've added lots of little things since I started and it's pretty cool.

On the wedding front, I got all the decorations and flowers set up. There are only a few things left to do, but they are all pretty time consumingly major.... Food, renting stuff, registry, and announcements.

I have four weeks until school drops back in. I can't wait to flex my brain again. I've had a great time turning it into a sponge with novels and projects, but it likes the challenge.


Back to Work

I got my certification just in time to ruin my fine vacation I was having and I started back up Tuesday night. I've been spending time over at Jennifer's since Mark and Scott got back from LA so that we can all enjoy each other and I come home only to sleep. We've been firing up the grill every night and really relaxing.

I still would rather be in Utah, but at least I only missed a week of work, so figuring out the money won't be as complicated.

I found all of my accessories except my slip and jewelry for the Big Day. If any of you has a balldress slip (the kind that add volumn with tulle, not bone hoop) or jewelry I could borrow, let me know.