I made myself learn how to download/load/activate PS Actions and Brushes today.
Here are some fun results.

I also did my taxes, cleaned my house, and studied like a maniac. (If you are wondering if all I care 'bout is furthering an onset of carpal tunnel.)


2nd page

I prefer two-page scrapbook layouts - so I built a quick 2nd page (which was probably a disservice to the pretty one. But, it is okay.)

The current vote is to add an errata note to the pull-out tab.

scrapbook errata

I was standing in the shower thinking about how everyone had the same comment about Jared's scrapbook page ("Not a word out of context") that it hit me. The Broncos did not play the superbowl! Curt's fave team, the Bears played. I knew this. I watched them get beaten down! Duh. What do I do? I cannot let a totally untrue fact go down in scrapbook mythology because the layout is pretty and the story is better in my fictionalized account. I have to fix it. Suggestions?


Random Things I Noticed Today:

The lady in the toilet next to me pees really fast. It’s impressive. She must be important.

The elevator smells like a rotten Veronica.

There is a taller than Six foot Asian Woman at my work. Almost as strange and the Black/French/Mormon girl I once knew. Some things are amazing only when they occur in combination.

A woman’s body type that doesn’t get enough media attention is the box. You know the one: hunch-backed, broad, square shouldered, and straight down from there. This body type occurs freakishly often in the office setting – and is generally a sign that it’s time to retire.

I bought a plushy monkey. I want to sew it clothes, diaper it, and pretend it is alive. On a related note… a pet monkey retails for $3,000. I am both appalled and intrigued by the idea of buying one.


hardest layout ever (tear potential)

I have tried to scrapbook these pictures a bunch of different ways and always tear the layout apart when I'm done, usually crying. But - this one is okay. I am going to add two pull-outs on the right side bar later - one with pics of us together as babies and our relationship journaling, and one with his obituary. I was thinking of trying to find a field lines rub on (in blue if possible) to add across the top white space - which feels a little out of balance... too much?
The journaling is a little fuzzy, if you want to read it:

It's not fair to say that Jared was dying his whole life, because the truth is, he was living: Living like someone who knows that time is short and you have to play the game as hard and fast as possible in order to come out a winner. During his last month, Evan and I visited for a week. He was feeling a little better so on a couple of days, he got out and played. And when he couldn't, we all watched football, ate pie, and he would arrange a prank from the couch. His team, the Broncos were contenders for the Superbowl - and I think he was trying to stay alive to see the game. They got to play, but he didn't have to see them lose.

Jared Curtis Hatch
June 3, 1976 - January 24, 2007

The Diz

As you can see, I got my scrap on today. You probably remember these photos from the quick collage that I posted back in August when the Thompson's and I actually made these memories.
Mark took me to see "Spiderwick" this morning - fun, movie - in the spirit of "Neverending Story."
The work week turned my brain to oatmeal. I 'officially' (as far as paid/work) start studying next week, so all I can do to rejuvenate... I'm doing.
Maybe I'll have more on paper tomorrow to support that claim. I have a few more ideas brewing.



I wish I would have posted my planning on the last scrapbooking page. I actually did a bunch of sketches and made couple of 2x2 inch to scale mock ups with thumbnail photos first in two different designs to decide which one to make. It might help one appreciate how much goes in. Maybe it's best not to admit how consuming the stuff really is.

This week's in review:

Our crew took our manager to lunch for her birthday, her choice: Korean Tofu Soup. So, we got a little fish, battered and deep fried whole (it was watching me eat it), a raw sea creature of some kind that looked like noodles, a raw egg to crack into our tofu soup, rice, and many little mini portions of different things - pickled cabbage, boiled what-I'm-guessing-were-turnip greens in some kind of sauce, and some burnt rice soaked in boiling water (which looks like dirty dish-water by the time you eat it.) This was not my first experience with real Korean food, so I knew I would largely like it. My main limitation is that I just don't like the taste of food from the sea (fish, crab, shrimp, whatever.) But, I am always willing to try it, and am growing to like it here and there. I tried everything at the lunch, liked most of it, and ate a majority of the soup - which was hot enough in both ways to be very filling. No wonder Asians are so skinny.

I was on the official list of "new rotation employees" that goes out every quarter to all the actuaries. Lower level actuaries transfer, or "rotate," every 18 months or so for professional development. I got a badge and a new computer (I keep my laptop, too) - with 4 processors and 1 terabyte of memory - and two special software programs with a one-year seat license price of $400,000 (that's my share of the total 1.2 Million price tag for our group.) Crazy. Six software support people flew in from Boston Thursday and Friday for two solid days of training/installation on the newer program (the older program people were here a few weeks ago.) They took us to a nice upscale lunch. I am doing better at work, I think. Getting the hang of things. A little behind schedule due to these meetings popping up.

Last night was date night, so we went to the movies: No Country For Old Men. This Cohen Brothers movie is about violence and crime and how old timers feel like the world is going crazy. It is not a dark comedy, like Fargo. I liked it, but, I like solicitous and pointless violence. It's not going to be for everyone.

I am studying. There are millions of similar formulas that I am trying to keep straight, and I am making a little progress.

I am also in the design stage on a Disneyland scrapbooking page from when Eva/Roger/family visited in April last year. It was the Funnest Place On Earth on that particular visit, so I wanted the page to be special and haven't had the inspiration until this weekend. Maybe if I make enough progress on my formulas, I will reward myself by having something scrappy to post by next week. Also, if I can figure out transportation, there is a scrapbooking expo next weekend.


right brain, match

I know. I'm supposed to be studying and you've already seen these pictures. I just had a little fun this weekend. (Superbowl wasn't bad either.)

I cut the title words with my cutter... the shamu and dolphin frame by hand, stiched the seal and seahorse embellishments with embroidery floss, and wrote the calligraphy with a mixture of ink, paint and glitter. If you ever decide to write with glitter-ink and a dip pen, bless you. I don't think I'll be doing this again. (It looks pretty, though.)