hardest layout ever (tear potential)

I have tried to scrapbook these pictures a bunch of different ways and always tear the layout apart when I'm done, usually crying. But - this one is okay. I am going to add two pull-outs on the right side bar later - one with pics of us together as babies and our relationship journaling, and one with his obituary. I was thinking of trying to find a field lines rub on (in blue if possible) to add across the top white space - which feels a little out of balance... too much?
The journaling is a little fuzzy, if you want to read it:

It's not fair to say that Jared was dying his whole life, because the truth is, he was living: Living like someone who knows that time is short and you have to play the game as hard and fast as possible in order to come out a winner. During his last month, Evan and I visited for a week. He was feeling a little better so on a couple of days, he got out and played. And when he couldn't, we all watched football, ate pie, and he would arrange a prank from the couch. His team, the Broncos were contenders for the Superbowl - and I think he was trying to stay alive to see the game. They got to play, but he didn't have to see them lose.

Jared Curtis Hatch
June 3, 1976 - January 24, 2007

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Anonymous said...

I love it.. and not a word out of place or context!!. MCKAY