Ahhh, yeah.

Even if I failed, I don't have to study for a few weeks! Reason. To. Celebrate.

Let me just take a moment to prematurely do a victory dance. No backup dancers or bag-pipes playing. Just me and my tap shoes going ape on the downstairs neighbors hopes for sleep tonight.


Okay. That was very nice.

Oh wait, I'm still doing it. I can't seem to stop. I had a very good exam session. Either my sample was very easy and will be graded more stiffly and I should not be getting excited, or else I am a genius and just killed. I think that the jury, when they come back with my score, will find me to be a genius. However, the rules stay the same as before... I will post my exact score when it arrives in approx. 8 weeks. (Check back for that when the New Years' hangover wears off.)

In the meantime, I am spoiling myself silly with scrapbooking and otherwise over indulging in wasting time doing NOTHING practical. I do owe Mark dishes until after Thanksgiving. I could not have done it without him and Baja Fresh.

I took some portraiture of Madhuri & Arun - she is very close to delivering the baby. Going through them so far, this one is my favorite.

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