Fair Enough

Hello, internet. I know you have probably been missing me deeply over the past 10 days. That's why I have dug into my old photos to find something to show you so that you will think I care about you. (I do, really.)

But first, a little husband/wife humor from a conversation yesterday-

The Man: I tell people that when my wife sees my paycheck she goes, "Ahhhh, honey. That's reeeal cute."

I add: "Let me put this riiiiight here on the fridge."

I would tell you about the sketch we wrote for the E! special that they are going to do on Mark someday when he is an American Icon, but I think he would kill me. Scratch that, I know he would kill me. Then it would be a sketch of Americas Most Wanted. And it wouldn't be as funny.

You've earned it. Here is the L.A. County Fair some time back.

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