houston, can you read me?

I've been hanging in Texas with McKay, Kim and his crew for the past couple of days. It has been quite a vacation thus far. We spend 90% of our time hanging out in the garage, which doubles as an open-air living room when the door is up. The neighbors are all members of the family, like one big block-wide household, they come and go from each other's houses, exchanging kids, pantry items, and gossip freely. It's such a change of pace, relaxed and mellow. I've jammed guitar with the neighbors, taken walks with the kids, enjoyed the paths of the local arboretum, and dare-deviled the local water park the whole family (all the neighbors too, of course.)

I have gotten acquaited with McKay's kids, and we've had a really fun time. I really love sitting with coffee in the morning in the garage. All the neighbors come, have their coffee and start their days with you... and it's real nice. I don't even know my neighbors names (or faces.) It's a big contrast.

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