As these first-time mom magic moments slip through my fingers, I realize that a few things are important: images and stories. You would think a scrapbooker would be an expert at storing these precious things away. But, I can't keep up with the diapers, nuzzling, AND the scrapbooking (who can?) So my temporary solution is to toss them down a hole and get back to them later. I am investing in photography equipment and taking as many high quality photos as I can as often as I can remember to pick up the camera. And I started a blog just for ZJ where I will tell the stories that I want to remember - with the idea that someday, I will slurp the blog and slap in the photos and publish it bound instead of trying to physically scrapbook it all myself. That way, she has a little journal of her baby stories - and so do I.... without consuming the effort that I could be using to love and hug and kiss her sweetness out of her.

If you are interested in the stories, her blog is here.