child's play

Every once in a while, I make myself sit around learning how to do stuff in Photoshop. And, I always pull out cute pictures that I don't mind staring at for a couple of hours to mess with. This was todays' goof-around.
And while I was doing the technology, I thought of a vague generalization in looking at this picture. You don't always realize that you are enjoying what you are doing WHILE you're doing it. But, once the initial shock is over (at least this is true for me) - I usually love doing new things. Take studying for my exam. I struggle with new topics - feeling miserable. Then the light bulb goes off. Then it's no big deal to work some problems and master the skill, and I enjoy being able to know more and do more. It just takes a little perseverance and courage to get past that first "Oil and Water" state, in order to make delicious pesto.
For this photoshop lesson, I found some free brushes (flourishes, dingbats, and grunge borders) figured out how to install them, and figured out how to load them and use them. You might say, "didn't you do that last time you posted a learning-photoshop-blog?" Yes. Yes, I did. But, my brain is a dangerous place where nothing lives long.

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