oh, the horror

I am finally able to talk about what happened on Tuesday. It was so PTSD that I actually started to cry every time I thought about it. But, I think it's safe to post by now and I KNOW someday it will be a funny story.

So, my dentist cancelled two appointments in a row for a medical emergency. I don't know what the emergency was, but I suspect that he had a stroke that caused him to lose all motor control in his hands. I had two wisdom teeth cavities that needed filling, so I unknowingly rescheduled for, you guessed it, Tuesday.

He was shaking uncontrollably with a power tool in my mouth, yelling, in a hurry, and making his assistant nervous, which in turn affected how well she suctioned the blood after he cut the crap out of my cheek, or "meat" as he called it. The worst was after the slashing when he had to do the second tooth. I'm gagging on my own blood and FREAKING out in my head. He pulls out the really sharp needle pointed drill and starts shaking it into my mouth, and I'm seriously considering just walking out with unfilled holes in my teeth and calling myself lucky to have survived.

Seriously, this was the most stressful thing I have ever encountered.

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Phillip & Rachel Sanderson said...

My teeth hurt just reading about this. I am so very, very sorry.