never too old

When Mark saw the witch, he suggested that I should add detail to her face. The eyelashes are actually parts of a star-shaped sequin. The eyes combine a black seed bead center with white glitter and purple/black paint - covered in liquid crackle. The nose is just the stem from her apple head, and the lips are red marker w/ liquid glass over it. I took a ton of pictures before I got one in focus - and what I notice is that her eyes are totally the kind that follow you about the room. Creepy.
She is the size of my hand.


Anonymous said...

I made a blog last night, but I don't know how to find it again. It is by Brandy's at http://i-hope-you-dance-country.blogspot.com/

Phillip & Rachel Sanderson said...

Mona, I LOVE IT!! It's beautiful. I bet you spent some time doing that.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Sorry I haven't written up a Christmas card yet, I'm been oh so very busy.

Love ya,