santa monica pier

We went out to the beach over the weekend. We caught it at the perfect time, just an hour before sunset.

We walked around a little taking pictures and taking in the scene. At one point, I sat down and just enjoyed the waves rolling in.

This beach has a lot of vendors hawking crafts, talents, and wares. This guy was twirling stuff for tips. Another guy there was squatting the weight of two volunteers from the crowd in shopping carts. Another played a one-man-band. In the past, we have seen sword swallowers, guys who jump off chairs onto shards of glass, and all sorts of fun entertainers. Right on the end of the pier at sunset, a guy was playing the pan flute.

After dark, the arcade seemed like the place to be. We went on a ride on a historical carousel, with hand carved unique wooden horses. There are only a few of these old ones in existence, and they go around pretty darn fast.
The horses are very detailed.

When we got home, we ordered in some Thai food. I had Thai on the lunch with my interviewer for the first time in my life, and it was so good that I couldn't wait to have Mark try it. Now, we are hooked and have gotten it a few times. We'll have to learn how to cook it... but getting the ingredients sounds hard... and I might not like it so much if I know what's in it.

I like the Yellow Curry Chicken. It is like a soup with chicken and potatoes in a coconut milk creme based sweet and spicy sauce, served with white rice. It kind of reminds me of what would happen if you mixed Chinese food with Indian food.

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