see our place

Our edifice. The building is four stories and a basement. The laundry is in the basement. Here are some of the features I love, from left to right and top to bottom...
The window in the hall leading out to the fire escape is lovely and keeps the hallway from getting dank... we open it periodically. The metal work for the railings, stairs, fire escape, etc all appear to be hand crafted and have lots of swirly touches. The tile is pretty groovy... it's old and spattered with paint in places, but lovable. The door knobs and cabinet pulls are all these crystal glass antique style that we used to have a long time ago. Our entryway has these great marbled mirrors and art deco interior design. All the ceilings are rounded out by hand. There is a great little gap between the stairwells with light pouring down from a skylight high above in the hallway. Some (not all) of our light fixtures are antique candelabra deals. The elevator door is a gate that you pull to the side.

The kitchen has lots and lots of cabinets. There are two ovens and I love the glass case for the dishes. It finally got me to set aside the not matching dishes. No automatic dishwasher...
This little nook between the living room and bedroom is (according to Scott) a common feature in upscale urban neighborhoods... it is for dressing to the nines for social events. We are using it as an office nook. I will do my hair and makeup at the dressing table, though. Our view from the front living room is really pretty. The houses on the street are all very architecturally interesting and it is a well groomed and affluent neighborhood.
We took today off. It was nice not to play tetris with real objects in real space and not carry heavy stuff up the stairs... well we did get groceries, but we get to eat them, so it is worth it.

We drove out to Malibu and I sat on the beach for a while while Mark took pictures. It was very relaxing, and it is starting to set in that we are actually here.

I hope you called Evan.


Rachel said...

The new place looks beautiful!! I love the elevator. Looks like it has a lot of personality!
Hope to visit you soon!

Mona said...

Thanks, I think so to. The uniqueness is exactly why I love it. In Phoenix, all the architecture is Southwest and all the homes are subdivision similar, so it is interesting to see all this diversity. There are big buildings with "themes" -- a castle with a draw-bridge entry, a pirate ship with mast awnings, etc... Please do visit - I would love that!


damhandiman said...

I got so many phone calls, my battery went dead,and I was at work and my phone charger I hijacked was useless to me...It was a great day.