I've said this before, but scrapbooking really takes me to a stress-free and enjoyable place. I've spent a little time lately working on my 2006 book, and (despite promising not to bore the non-scrapbook appreciating readers of my blog) have some latest pics of my work.

(Graduation - above - using photoshop, I selected myself from the crowd as I am shaking hands and getting my diploma - lower left - and then turned up the saturation of colors on me, and turned down to almost black and white the saturation of colors of everyone else in the crowd to take a mediocre picture and make it awesome. I also included my "Yee-Haw" picture, upper right, which Mark hates because I am so animated I look like a vampire, but I love it because that is how I FELT... and I just love that the picture shows it.)

(The Disneyland layout - above - is done on black and greys with black and white patterned papers infused with bright colored paper to reflect the mix of the sad and happy of the trip. I didn't want it to be too upbeat and gawdy, because between our laughter we all had tears in our eyes that day.)

(This Christmas layout - above - is what I did today, and I am really proud of it. The design is a lot more streamlined and sophisticated than my usual stuff, and was inspired by this holly and argyle patterned paper. Also, my first attempt at hand stitching paper. I got a few design suggestions from Mark, who is always really honest and insightful with his artistic eye.)


Rachel said...

The pages are GEORGEOUS!!! I wish I was that up to date. I'm still in 2004.

Mona said...

See, my trick was skipping every year prior to 2005. And I try to do a page working backward for every page in the present... so that eventually I will be caught up.

Thanks for liking my style. I really want to start doing more. I want to learn the "french paper doll" technique and get more funky.