the business

The Big White Van with many strangers staring at our building and "awww"-ing and then quickly getting on their cell phones. And then more vans. And more cell phones. It was weird. I actually took a picture. I heard one guy say "oh, yeah (pointing at the top of the building) that looks like it will just come right down" and for a minute there, I thought they were going to blow our building up.And then a van with a logo came and they started ripping out the base of a wall.

And then they called to tell us Buena Vista is filming in the apartment directly above us next week and give us a film crew schedule so that we wouldn't be alarmed. Just as long as there are no bombs going off...

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Mona said...

The movie is a spoof of "The Bionic Man" and stars Lee Majors.

I will miss the shoot because I will be off to work before they arrive, and they will be gone before I get home.