big day

Mark and I both had exciting days. His version of his day is on his blog, but it consisted of hanging out on the set at our apartment building with the film crew of a tv pilot. Here are some pictures he took. It sounded very exciting!

This is Jamie Kennedy, who Mark got to talk to and who has a new movie out next month.

This is Jamie and the Director, Paul Dinello. Mark said that where he was standing when he took this picture (below) was four or five feet from where Jamie came to stand between takes when he wasn't acting over by the doorway or on the grass.

This (below) is the view from our apartment window. They were setting things up last night and I kept hearing a guy yelling from where it sounded like he was standing on our fire escape.

(Below) is a good overview of what the whole street was like. There were cops and equipment trucks everywhere.
They were still working when I got home, so I got to see Jamie Kennedy, the director and a few other key players before they started packing up. (And suprisingly still got a decent parking place)

In other news, my second day at work was terriffic. I was able to sort of pin down what I am doing and get a deeper discrete idea of how to do it. I have come concrete tasks and some more arbitrary ones, but still, good solid goals and I am loving it. I created a spreadsheet report that filtered some data and drilled down to see some facts that may have actually been useful, had the report been real (it was an exercise... someone else had already completed it, I was just "redoing" it because it will be my job in the future.)

I got my loaner computer set up, some business cards on order, some special programs and a killer powerful laptop and desktop on order, some office supplies, some database training, and I got to sit down with the Chief Actuary.


Mona said...

we just went for a walk and they are still out there shooting with night lighting. One guy said to me as we came up the stairs, "I hope you like your pictures. He was taking them for you all day." It really looks like working on a set would be grueling but very fun (and free food)

damhandiman said...

WOW! I'm stupid jelous.