admissions of guilt

I'm really enjoying my life right now. It's not really that cool to admit that, because all the time, everyone is going through things... and it's taboo to admit a moment of good, because it comes across so badly to everyone who is mired in human tragedy. However, at the moment, in the heat of a transition of deep uncertainty... I can find a moment to say, in this craziness, I'm okay.

I am empowered with a lot of responsibility and the latitude to carry out said in any way I deem appropriate. Their expectations of me are a great compliment. On my end, I feel completely capable of meeting these grand demands. Which is why, in this craziness... I'm okay.

Not to mention a knock out new wardrobe. As they say, the suit makes the man.

The only thing that has really been hard is the mornings. Five AM comes very early, and tomorrow, Mark wants to drop me a few hours early so he can take the car... what does that mean? Three? (I set my own hours, but everyone in my department works 7am-4pm, so that has been my routine... in order to make use of their resources for my training.)


Anonymous said...

i like the title of your blog
"life is irrational"

Rachel said...

I am so happy for you. Except those mornings have to be a killer!

damhandiman said...

I met that guy that likes your title in AA, damn the anonymity I think you should know who that was.