the waging debate

My cube-mates and I are trying to resolve the following dilemma. Am I a nerd or a geek.

So, here are the factors weighing in the respective categories... I'm tempted to give them a weight ratio, which probably falls into the nerd category.

I wear glasses.
I learn about science, technological developments, and study societal function
I listen to NPR, compusively - except for the Lake Wobegone bit.
I like sci-fi TV Shows, movies and mini-series.
I do not watch TV unless it is commercial free on DVD, and then very selectively. (Sorry Rachel... I gave up on SG-1 after I realized the obsurdity of either jeopardizing the human race and/or someone coming back from the dead in every single episode...too predictable. Let's have an episode where we meet a species that does neither of those things on at least one planet of the millions of permutations on the dial, and I'll watch it.)

I ♥ math, and do problems for fun... often.
Belong to the Math Club
I ♥ logic puzzles.
I ♥ school and the process of learning.
I had a spiritual moment in Calc I.
I read Mark's subscription to Scientific American Mind.

I ♥ paper and pens
I ♥ my $100+ calculator
I used to love to play Magic before my deck got lost.
I have common acquaintances who own swords.
I like the movies that everyone else hates and the music that no one listens to.
I think my knees are facing different directions, so my legs do not track along parallel lines.

Feel free to weigh in on this. Perhaps I have left off some glaringly obvious factor that casts the deciding vote?


damhandiman said...

You are a dork. I havnt been called Wesley for years. Things are going pretty good in every aspect, I think I can fix that too. I just can't have nice things.

damhandiman said...

I would call you, but you might answer. When is a good time?, just call me around 8p on weekdays.

damhandiman said...

The term cube mates makes me picture your office in some sort of pirate setting. It's funny to picture you scrubbing the hard wood floor of your cube as some fat guy with thick glasses and a parrot on his shoulder asks,"Arrr there cube matey, do you have those TPS reports? do yee? Arr" and then hobbles away..you spit on the floor and continue scrubbing knowing your lack of a tps cover sheet will mean more shirts to iron.

Mona said...

Ironic considering that my work is called "scrubbing data." -- Which creates visuals that I work with Data from Star Trek and he is dressed like a pirate and I am scrubbing him. My cube unit is shaped like a boat. I will say "Arr" next time someone talks to me.

Anytime is fine. I can take a break if you call during my work day. I go to bed at 8:30. I'm a dork like that.