The Usual

We did a corporate litigation double feature this weekend. I almost forgot how good Erin Brokovich was and how bad A Civil Action was.

In the school front, I am doing both awesome and awful. I am way ahead and excelling in all my classes except fractals, in which I am completely crippled by the technology. I totally can't get past it. I spend so much time spinning my wheels. I haven't completed a single assignment and it doesn't look like I will. I've given up on hopeful optimism, tipped the scale beyond passive alarm, and am into dreadful resignation. If my teacher does not actually do the assignment for me step by step all the way to the finish line, I'll never get there. He must really be sick of me.
It's sort of sad, because this is the class I am the most topically interested in, and I really enjoy thinking about it, researching stuff on the side, and lectures.

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jamie said...

Erin Brokovich spoke at a Starbucks conference I went to a couple of years ago. Pretty interesting lady, but many couldn't get past her excessive use of a particular expletive.