I love Mark. Pretty saccharin, I know.

Try not to throw up.

We're always watching movies. I should sometimes mention the shows we're watching.

I finally made it all the way through 'pi.' Sadly, every math movie features an insane person. I don't thing you need to be insane to be a mathematician. I should write a script. The ones that actually feature real math usually get it wrong as well. This one called my favorite number, phi, "theta," which is a pretty big thing to get wrong. I guess the writers were not mathematicians, so I'll give them a break, but they could've called in someone who knew something as simple as the name of the number that the number theorist is talking about. Additionally, I couldn't figure out why the guy would write out stuff we knew thousands of years ago ... the formula for the circumference and area of a circle to learn about pi, or the golden rectangle to learn about phi ... when he has a computer that can compute stuff that has never been computed about these numbers. *phi has been calculated to 1,241,100,000,000 digits by Kanada and pi has been calculated to 3,141,000,000 digits by Gourden and Sebah as of 2002

We also watched 'The Weatherman.' This is just a commercial. We think some lobbyist for the fast food industry took out a bulk ad. Every shot has a wrapper, convenience food item, or store location in it. Lots of corporate labels too. I'm not recommending it for the gag factor.

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