We are just bumbling around the house today. We decided to "celebrate" valentine's day by exchanging gifts next weekend because I still haven't told Mark what to get me.

I feel like I have tons of things I am supposed to be doing, but I don't know what any of them are (except my laundry, which would be hard to miss.) I think school is going well. I haven't gotten any real feedback to tell me if I am working hard enough or need to give more, so it is sort of hard to say. I try to put forth my best possible effort, in terms of balancing all my priorities. I'm giving more of my time to Mark and my personal wellness because I don't have to go to school every day. Usually I feel isolated, burned out, and running constantly, so my schedule this semester providing for a life is really welcome. Especially since I only have this and maybe one more semester to go. As tired as I was, I need the benefit of variety.

So, today is kind of the day we use to track how long Mark and I have been a couple. Today, the odometer rolls over to 9 years. Boy, that sounds like a big number. Mark said he didn't realize that it had been so long. He's been telling people we've been together 5 or 6 years. I guess time flies when you are having fun. It seems like it just gets better and better.

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