Busy Again

What a relief. I decided to reschedule my Actuarial exam for May. I was really breaking my back to be prepared and then suddenly, school got very demanding. I agonized over putting it off, but there is no way I would pass without hitting the last few topics very hard, and I just can't do that without setting something else aside that is equally important.

The upside is that I can go about changing my name now. It's been weird with a pseudo name. It's will be officially McCowen pretty soon. Weird, but in a good way.

I'm writing three essays this weekend, trying to get some studying done for a few classes, and have a test in a couple of days. Not enough to skip the yoga class. I've been going to the gym 6 days a week lately. It's really kept me energized and focused on everything I am trying to do. You'd think the time spent would be lost, but it isn't. I actually hit a new milestone. I worked out so hard I threw up. (Or it might have been the carne asada I ate before the spinning class, I'm not sure.)

But, things definately feel paced again. There's a certain comfort in that. I just wish I hadn't gotten hooked on Zelda, and a few other fun time-management nightmares before the rush got back underway. (I'm at the second to last dungeon and am fighting the bad guy right now - after this, I fight the big-bad guy and free the princess from her curse and we're back to flashcards full time.)

I feel like a contradiction in motion. (I guess that is better than a static contradiction.)

Another thing... I really love my family. I try to be unselfish and unconditional about this love. I think that is the main definition of family. I love all of the people in my family regardless of who or how they are. I feel like I don't have to like them or how they live their lives in order to love them. But I am really repulsed by the ones who do not share this attitude. But, like I said... I still love them.

I think I've covered all my major thoughts for the week.

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