Use it even after you start to lose it

Apparently, a new study reveals that moderate exercise of 15 minutes a day can delay, prevent or improve symptoms of dementia, Alzheimer's Disease and other cognitive degenerative disorders.

On related news, I went to the cycling class again yesterday and I LOVE IT! My seat hurts, though. I need to get some of those fancy padded panties.

Oh, and aside from that peanut butter cookie I just ate, I'm back on my healthy food thing. I really love vegetables. When we are used to eating a lot of them, we get sick when we don't - so during the last month of what Mark lovingly refers to as "the fast food diet" I've been feeling
nauseous half the time. Of course, he lost 5 pounds eating Taco Bell and hasn't looked this good in a while.

I am listing some of the topics I am mentally engaging, because my world-curiousity is up and I am thinking about so many things... interesting things. Things that you might actually want to read about - as opposed to what I had for dinner (chicken southwest burritos with grilled peppers, black beans, zuchinni and corn, in a creamy chile verde sauce -- Mark didn't notice the zuchinni... I snuck it in for the veggies-in-disguise factor.)

They are: physiology, particularly of the brain, memory and time, existential crisis, death and the purpose of life, how complex systems in nature are poorly designed, dimensions of the universe, matter and our experience of matter, dark matter, the reality or nonreality of the abstract world, how/why our brain abstracts (and all matters associated with abstraction,) and I that's all I can think of at the moment, but I know there are more.

When I ask Mark, "Honey, what are you thinking about?" I'm apt to get some kind of list such as the above. I think that's why we never run out of things to talk about or get bored.

Meanwhile, feel compelled to comment to this post with what you think about. If you don't think about anything, start.

Some quotes I liked this week:

An unexamined death is not worth dying. --Some Death Researcher from my

There is a fine line between a religious experience and a psychotic
episode. --My religions teacher on founders of new religions and thier claims of
talking to/experiencing god firsthand.

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