Di Vinci Code

I just finished reading the Di Vinci Code and I can't figure out what the big deal is. I asked someone at work if he had read it and they guy went crazy about not reading blasphemous texts. I guess drawing fiction based on religions that come too close to Christianity is crossing some line. I don't assume that a novel is supposed to be religious. I read a triller conspiracy on the same thread as an alien invasion... inventive, fun, and suspenseful storytelling. Regardless of the authors intentions, the meaning of a story ultimately lies in the hands of the reader. I don't think that Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream is actually promoting the view that fairies are real. It's called literary freedom, plot device, etc.

I don't think Jesus should be off limits to creative people who want to use religion as a creative tool for storytelling. I think Jesus, a storyteller, would agree.

And hear is the spoiler if you are planning to read the book... the church wins, in the end. A literary critique of the book could suggest a promotion of Christian traditionalism just as easily as any other message. Read what you want to read into it.

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