Me and My Guys

I'd like you to meet a few of my amazing friends. On the far left is Nick. He is extremely travelled, speaks Japanese, and attends Duke Law. The fellow to my direct left is my new husband. As you can see by the twinkle in his eye, he is a genius. There is more to say there, but you let Mark speak for himself. To my right, Josh has a bachelors in Chemistry and is currently in the last phases of medical school. And far right is the right-brained business mogul and tech savvy artist, David. I am of course, in the center because I am the prettiest.

This is an incredible group of people. We need a scientist and a chef and we are the perfect group of people to get stranded on an island with. Posted by Picasa


Mark McCowen said...

Everybody looks great except for me. I'm not good in pictures.

earthboy_rod said...

thats pretyt funny. i was a chef, now i'm 1/2 way through getting my business degree in IT and Accounting.

& i like your blog too, an interesting read.