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Did you know that your post-holiday weight is actually a random number?

I mailed pictures on CD to practically everyone, so you should be seeing yours pretty soon. Print quality may not be fantastic. If you want to order a quality print, I can have them reproduced for you from the master. Regular 4x6 are $0.18, 5x7's are $1.60. I don't know about the larger sizes. Just reference the name the picture is saved as (most of them are numbers.) The master file sizes are too large to transfer but produce excellent quality prints.

Congratulations to the Knouses... welcoming our family's newest addition. Welcome to the world, McKayla. You are beautiful.

I want a program that organizes your contact info in the family tree format so that you can see the card profiles by generation, keep track of whose kids are whose and do searches by, say, Birthdays in January, or search by things like, age (so that you can get a list of all adults for Christmas cards) or generation (so you can get only siblings or only aunts & uncles, etc), that is compatible with mail merge so that you can print labels or envelopes or mailing lists, and has a spot for all contact info (such as email, fax, etc,) is compatible with outlook, and common calendar programs (and can program alerts or auto messages for birthday's, anniversaries, etc) and a comment section so you can write things you don't want to forget (their major in school, where they work, hobbies or interests, etc.)

I guess keeping track of family members isn't difficult for smaller families, but ours is big enough to pose a challenge... I have so many documents in different places - a birthday list that I can sort by generation and catagory (Mark's or mine, immediate or extended, month, age) but doesn't hold contact info, a contact list in table form with household members and important dates (which is impossible to search on and impossible to organize and is never fully completed but is pretty comprehensive) and a contact form in list form with address only. It's hard to keep track of them all and keep them updated.

I'm getting set up for classes. I start back up in 10 days. Still working on what I'll take... some interference with my schedule for work, so I'm waiting to hear back whether my work, my teacher, both or neither will cut me some slack. That answer will determine what classes I can take. Right now it's between Intermediate Probability (exam P prep - awesome - doing the work anyway,) Linear Programming (programming, yuck and class 5 days a week) or an easy religions class to go toward a minor (but it would force me to take a summer physics class that requires that I get off work early every day for 5 weeks and would kill me with 5 hour classes every day.) So, obviously, I'm hoping to compromise the probabilities course with work and the teacher since it is offered at a conflicting time.

I'm kicking butt with my exam prep. I have my average time per problem down from 11 minutes to 5 minutes. My goal is 2 minutes. My accuracy must be 90% or better. I'm halfway through the prep curricula. I'm optimistic, but there is always May if I don't make the very small and elite cut of those who pass on the first try. It's pretty much all I think about these days. (Which makes coming up with something to post that is interesting a decent challenge.)

Even in my fantasies, I am a very boring person.

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I just took the most life affirming poop. I just really wanted to tell someone. Let's see if anyone reads the comments. call me harry balls next time I talk to you on the phone.