First Day of School

School's officially underway again. I had just gotten my goofing off groove going, too. (We got a gameboy for Christmas... I'm suddenly a girl-gamer. Who would've guessed, but I'm really hooked!)

I'm taking Fractals, Death & Dying, Ritual/Symbol/Myth, and my personal favorite, Intermediate Probability. (I took Advanced Probability last semester, did well, and this particular course is designed to help pass the actuary exam... convenient because I have to do that anyway. Now I get credit for it!)

The Death one may sound strange. It's for a cultural perspective credit and I am really looking forward to it, mostly. (Except for the part where I have to interview a funeral home director.)

The Fractals is my sweet spot. It is a nuance of math that fascinates me and I have always wanted to have more than a superficial understanding of this interesting facet of math. If you don't know what fractals are, they are complex, infinite, symmetrical geometric figures. Check out some pretty graphical demonstrations here.

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