Mt. Lemon

We just drove out a few hours to Tucson again, this time to scale the highest nearby peak and enjoy the pines. It was not to be. We kind of forgot that we've had .32 inches of rain since October - second lowest rainfall for winter since they started writing it down. Everything was dead. There might have been some wildfires or something. All the trees except a few pines were totally leaf-less and cactuses were wilty.

It was a pretty drive anyway, with lots of sweeping vistas.

We ate at a horrible fresh mex place - and were both immediately sick. (Mark literally so.) They didn't tell me that "the big one" I ordered was a full 15 inches long and an easy 4.5 inches in diameter. (They had to use two tortillas. If we knew this, we probably would not have ordered nachos as an appetizer to share. It was filthy.

I love our daytrip weekends.

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