Date Day

Mark and I had a great Date Day yesterday. He posted a synopsis and some pictures on his blog. I realized that my rockclimbing skills are rusty and that I want to get back into that sport. I also remembered that small towns close up shop on Sunday. We were looking forward to browsing tons of little shops in small town America, but they were all in church.

I want to go to the Renaissance Festival this year but I need someone to go with me. I want to get really into it: rent a costume, watch all the shows, browse all the shops, see the joust, ride the elephant, the whole enchilada. It's on now until April 2 - $10 per. Takers? Evan - You think we should call the Vegan if she's still around? DJ - you would love this thing. You should come down, bring Kathy and the kids.

Today, one of my classes got cancelled so I think I am going to go home early and have another date. Seems like the thing to do on Valentine's Day weekend - go on two dates!

I think sitting on the floor eating chinese take out with chopsticks and watching a movie is romantic.

I just found out that most crossdressers are not gay. I did not know that. You see a girl in a suit, you don't automatically assume she is gay, but you see a guy in a dress and it's the first thing that crosses your mind. I guess that is why gender issues are so interesting for me. They are the final frontier in social taboo. And the double standard runs both ways. You usually don't think of sexism as hedging straight men, but they are the group that had the most rigid rules. I saw a funny related quote yesterday.

If high heels were comfortable, men would still be wearing them.
It just demonstrates how dynamic our social rules are. Once it was perverse for women to wear high-heels or lace and now the reverse is true. If Jesus was born during the golden age of Europe, would he have worn high-heels instead of sandals?

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