One thing I notice about having a blog that is always updated is that no one ever writes or calls to find out how you are doing.

I had this moment of Zelda... I realized that maybe the reason I love the Zelda game now is that it is the perfect metaphor for life. You start out so weak that you can't even smash a pot with your sword, but as you learn new skills, and collect objects that help you along your way, you slowly get stronger. Sometimes you have to battle guys that totally suck or solve some puzzle that makes no sense, and it becomes so frustrating that you have to turn off the game or get help from someone whose already passed that part. And the game is littered with rewarding successes - you got the Earth element - or got another bottle - or found a secret... And each challenge takes you to the next. It's not always obvious what you are supposed to do, either. If you revisit places you have already been, there are always new things to find, new people to meet, and new insight into what you should do. And funny, when you beat the game and you're done, you're a little sad that it's over because you had so much fun on the journey and you realize that it wasn't about getting to the destination. That's life. It's a game that isn't about winning, but about playing well.

The movie of the day was Scrooged... I can't remember why I liked this as a kid. It's pretty shallow.

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