Evan's Bday Party

We had The Birthday Boy over to celebrate him turning 28 (that makes me feel old.)

We played it lazy and picked up take-out from Rubios (Best Fish Taco In The World - coming from a person who won't eat fish) and a movie.

I made a brownie-ice cream desert with a layer of caramel and almonds between the fudge brownie and rocky road ice cream and hard chocolate shell frosting. But, I didn't think to defrost it a little before serving it. The brownie/caramel layer would not cut. Evan sat there on a mission to try to rescue at least one peice from the dish - and drew the comparison of trying to blow out those prank candles that don't go out... after about 15 minutes of prying and hacking on the brownie, we just ate the ice cream layer. It was really good (and funny.)

Then we watched what was left of the academy awards. Pretty fun. I love hangin' with my bro.

Time is passing too quickly. He's 28, I'm turning 30... it seems ludicrous. Speaking of ludicrous... what was up with that best original song "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp?" I thought that was a joke and I was totally laughing. There was nothing special at all about the repetitive lyrics OR the basic beat music staged behind them (coming from someone who can appreciate above average rap.) - Speaking of good rap, Mark just introduced me to a song called "Phantom" by Murs. Great social awareness commentary.

I want to do something today.

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