I was able to take my test late. I got 100%. But after she docks the points for late-taking... at least I can still get an A in the class, I think.

Tomorrow is the big (Career) day.

I bought a wine colored velvet suit. It fits very well. All the sleek black and navy ones were baggy in weird places or long on my stubby arms. The velvet one I got has round gold buttons and despite being very professional as an ensemble, I think if I accessorized appropriately, I could use it as a halloween pirate costume. I couldn't find shoes to match, so I am wearing some black maryjanes that I have. I think they will look o.k. And my resume is finished (I think - I'm giving it another once over later tonight.)

I also got off work tomorrow for the first half of my shift so I can get some sleep after the event.

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