A lot of little things are going on.

I am going to a lot of career fairs and pounding the pavement with the hopes of picking up an internship to complete my degree. Today, to hedge bets, I picked Fall classes for preregistration. What I want to take that would actually help me in real life never counts for my degree (such as Mat 210: analysis for business.)

The above involves fine tuning my resume, cover letter, and job description. Luckily, this will all carry over to my first job search, since the req's are identical. If you want to edit and make suggestions, let me know. I can use all the opinions I can get. I love beautiful paper. I love paper stores.

I am studying like crazy... both for school (three tests next week) and for the Actuary exam (56 days away.) I made a list of all the skills I am weak at and have been reviewing every math class I have ever taken to strengthen them and make sure I am sharp on everything. It is really making me feel smart and confident. (It's the new stuff that isn't there, yet.)

I am still dealing with trying to change my name with the Social Security Administration. What a nightmare! If it is this hard to change ones name, I can't imagine what people must have to do to get benefits!

I finally sent my pictures in to be developed. (Some of them are from the honeymoon, some from some of our roadtrips, and the lastest trip to LA.) You should be seeing them here soon!

Monday night, Mark and I had the funnest date. We had to stay up for 9 more hours after already staying up for 27, so we got the entire 5th season of CSI on DVD, a bottle of wine, and some take out and hung out talking and marathoning with TV (a rare treat, since we don't have it hooked up to watch.)

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Rachel said...

CSI is the BEST!! You have great taste!