So we finally made plans for Spring Break. I did not get my days off to take an ample vacation, so Mark, Evan, Jennifer, Stephanie and I are driving out for a quick weekend in Los Angeles. We are going to drop Mark off at Scott's house to hang out while the rest of us go to Knotsberry Farm and bum around the beach or something.

I wanted to spend the whole week on the slopes learning how to snowboard - but this will do nicely instead. I will still have plenty of break left to study my little heart out. (And perhaps take care of some procrastinated tasks that always get bumped for school stuff - such as prepping for my pending job search in a few months.)

It is a really weird time in life. Feels very meaningful, compared to usual. All the decisions I am making will actually have lasting impact.

I have so many flashcards right now. My brain is full.

We saw the new Harry Potter (decent) and Jarhead (great).

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