Mark Got Lost

We were driving around an old neighborhood by our house where Mark used to go to skateboard when he was a kid and he actually got turned around and misplaced North. Finally, after 9 years, I have some evidence that he isn't perfect. I had to write it down because otherwise, I will think it was a hallucination.

I'm a lucky gal.

I also have no spacial reference whatsoever. North? People are in touch with such a concept? I don't know what they are talking about... if the sun is in an obvious place in the sky, then I can tell you East and West, but North? Now that doesn't have a sun. And at noon, I let Mark drive. He and North have some kind of special relationship that only recently had its first upheaval of any kind.

Today, I did graph some fractal sets (some variations of the Julia set) in the complex plane for my fractal class using technical computing software (which hates my guts, so this is more fantastic an accomplishment than finding North!) I posted some terrible scans of my results on my fractal class weblog. The pictures are so beautiful in the program but they are really, really large files, so I haven't figured out how to post them so that the detail shows.

This week - A Preview

I have two papers to write this week. One on analyzing a Native American ritual using some dude's theories on ritual and another about three ethnic variations on death and burial practices. Sounds thrilling, yes?

Friday is the big Career Day, where I will be meeting with 12 potential employers in the valley for a seminar. I am hoping to score an internship for summer or fall or both so that I don't have to take anymore classes. I am going to try to get my resumés printed tomorrow with pretty raised letters. If that doesn't work, plan B is in the works for an independent study program to work on technical software and actuary application of my math skill (I am getting referred to a professor that might sponsor that work who is a retired Actuary.) Plan C is also in the works, since I have preregistered for Fall classes. I hope I get to drop at least one in favor of one of the latter options. (I have an easy math one and an ugly stats one.)

I also have a date with Jennifer and Stephanie to go to the RennFest on Sunday. It's the last weekend, so I hope we don't have to break it. I think it sounds like a blast. Jamie has some pictures of her experience this year and it looks so fun.


Aqua water said...

great story must be wierd to have a connection to the sun

Mona said...

you are right. It is. It would be better if I had a connection to North. But apparently, only certain people can tell what direction it is all the time. It must be genetic.