And Counting

Two weeks to go.

My thoughts are so all over the place that I am not even sure where to go with them. As if I don't have enough to do, I'm squeezing in oral surgery next week for a tooth that decided it had to act up right now. Crazy.

I am really appreciating mathematics right now in ways that are hard to describe. I'm writing a paper about the summary of what mathematics is and how it evolved. It is like DNA. There are maybe three simple ideas that capture all the information in the world.

Side Note: The length and width and decahedran spiral of DNA follow golden proportions of phi, a single healthy cell can be inscribed into a golden rectangle, and the ideal adult body made up of those cells is made up of hundreds of phi ratio relationships.

Everything in math is like this. Some little thing bundles all of this greater information. The more complex ideas basically prove themselves... fall out of basic ideas. The fact that such a wealth of interrelated ideas comes from such a simple core of axioms is impossible to grasp. My class had a small discussion that led to God in trying to understand how this all works.

As far as school goes, I'm scheduling my time very carefully so that I can be well prepared for finals in advance. As the wedding approaches, I don't want to be cramming. If I don't have it down by then, cramming probably won't help anyway.

Thank you for reading this. I don't keep in touch, and I feel like I've made some kind of intimate contact with someone who loves me everytime I see my counter move.

I think there comes a time in life when it becomes very important to foster these relationships of meaning with family. It's so easy to do your own thing and get caught up in the excitement of whatever life is giving you at the moment. But, I'm at that time where having a network of loved ones who know me is more important than having an exciting anonymous life.

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